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OUR MODEL IS SIMPLE: $0.50 Flat Fee on Each ticket Sale (Weekly Billing)

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for Free Events

No Fee for Free Events when Ticket Price is $0.00.

Charge Service Fee and Keep it all

Collect the customised service fee and get into your account. Generate additional revenue.

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to start

No Contract, Subscription, or Other Fee to get started. No fee until you get paid for online ticketing.

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from Ticket Buyers

Integrate your own merchant gateway account to get paid directly. No wait to receive payment.

Free Box-Office

Box-Office App is 100% Free to use for Box-Office Ticketing & for check-in attendee.

Best Payment Gateways

Use Square, Stripe, CardConnect or for the most secure and safe online transactions.

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Box Office $0 per ticket

Enjoy the convenience of a 100% free in-person ticket sales with Fearticket.

  • Install the Fearticket Organizer App
  • Android & iOS Support
  • Concert Ticket Printing
  • Thermal Printer Support
  • In-house Payment Gateway
  • Payment Freedom Options

Every Feature Under the Sun for Just $0.50

  • Advanced Schedule Management
  • Slot Booking
  • Ticket Artwork
  • Dependent Tickets
  • Combo Tickets
  • Ticket Add-Ons
  • Shared Pooling
  • Ticket as Text/SMS
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Selfie Ticket
  • Groupon Integration
  • Giveaway Tickets
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Buy Tickets Widget
  • Clone Event
  • Hytix Payment Gateway
  • Earn Extra with Service Fee
  • Reschedule & Cancellation
  • And Many More...